Taking a holistic, company-wide approach is crucial when it comes to diversity and inclusion education.

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In our experience to achieve maximum impact with D&I awareness and best practice, we recommend a two-track training programme; one for leaders and another for wider colleagues.
Leaders will cover four core modules giving them a robust foundation to build upon;
Demystifying Diversity & Inclusion
Creating Effective Communication & Inclusivity
Tackling Unconscious Bias
Ensuring Inclusive Recruitment

Each topic is delivered as a half day session so there is plenty of time for discussion, yet the training can slot into busy schedules. Leaders have their own space to ask any questions, understand the concepts and feel confident to influence within the organisation. Not only are they equipped with the right tools to implement effective practices, they are also better positioned to support wider colleagues – we strongly recommend internal conversations following training.

All core modules with the exception of Inclusive Recruitment are then rolled out to wider colleagues in the business to establish a cohesive mindset, with everyone on the right page. These sessions are lighter touch, covering similar concepts over 90 mins.

The training content can be delivered virtually or face to face and includes two consultants. A popular choice is to run leadership training face to face, with wider colleagues virtually. Across all of our training sessions, regardless of delivery method, we ensure a comfortable space for participants with maximum engagement using polls, menti, interactive content, opportunities for group discussion and Q&A.

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