Expand your knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of Diversity and Inclusion with our workshops.

They will provide a solid foundation of how to become more inclusive both as an individual and within your workplace. 

All of our training packages can be run face to face or virtually, with flexible timings and formats to suit your needs. Please get in touch with one of our consultants to discuss your requirements.
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Perception and Awareness Training Package

We have picked our top three essential topics to cover with you in this series of Perception and Awareness training. This trilogy will provide you with a solid foundation of how to become more inclusive both as an individual and within your workplace. 

Recommended for: All colleagues in an organisation 

Demystifying Diversity

Understand the different phases in an organisation’s Diversity & Inclusion journey; Equality, Equity and Removal of Barriers.  Along with a tour through our  ‘Seven Steps to Better Balance’ you will have the tools to create a bespoke action plan to implement short and long term changes in your workplace

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Unconscious Bias

As humans we all have (unconscious) bias, how are our biases are formed and what impact does our bias have on society? Gain best practice and top tips on how you can become more inclusive both personally and in the workplace. More importantly, take away our top tips on how to break bias

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Inclusive Recruitment

What impact does our bias have on recruitment? Find out how to break bias with practical inclusive recruitment strategies and the 50:50 approach to creating the right conditions for better balance in your workplace. Looking at the whole recruitment process from job ads to interview panels

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Taking Action Training Package

For us, it’s not enough to simply raise awareness, we must take positive action to create change.  We understand it may be tricky to navigate so we’ve curated a selection of useful sessions to help you integrate conscious inclusion into your workplace. 

We can offer you a bespoke package where you can cherry pick any or all of the following training sessions to suit your business needs;

Start the Conversation

Impartial facilitation to encourage open and honest mixed group discussion around key issues in gender diversity in a safe learning space

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Ingraining Values in your Cultural DNA

Values are the heart of your organisation. They are the ultimate driving force and are the very core of the who’s, what’s why’s and how’s

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Becoming Better Allies

Indifference is perhaps one of the greatest factors that perpetuates prejudice and discrimination. Being a better ally is something we ALL need to take responsibility for

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Implementing Change

Through our Seven Steps to Better Balance methodology you will be equipped with the necessary tools to roll out a holistic and robust D&I strategy.

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Bespoke Support Programmes

Our consultants are here to help identify your business needs and can curate a programme of support bespoke to your organisation. This is a long-term process with no silver bullet or one-size fits all approach. We can develop a programme with you that includes focus groups and a range of training solutions from the above mentioned packages that is completely unique to what best suits your colleagues, timeframes and formats.  We can offer a scheme of work that fits with you and that nurtures this process whether it’s over a few months or a whole year! 

You can also consider bringing in our consultants to help you self audit your organisation to develop and shape your D&I strategy before you start any training. 

Get in touch with our consultants who will be happy to help you find the right solution.

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