If you are looking to either refresh or update your company’s Diversity & Inclusion strategy, our consultants will guide you through best practice approaches using our 50:50 ‘Seven Steps to Better Balance’ framework to achieve a holistic method of implementation. To discuss your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, contact us.

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We recommend Senior Leaders engage in two half day sessions covering our Seven Steps to Better Balance framework.

From these sessions Senior Leaders will be equipped with the necessary tools to temperature check their organisation in each of these areas by reviewing current data, practices and policies. Once the key areas of priority have been highlighted, this will shape a company specific  strategy with relevant interventions to achieve maximum impact.

Our consultants can also carry out colleague listening groups of 90 mins each, which will inform an Insights Report that will be presented to Senior Leaders. This qualitative feedback will be used to further analyse the areas of focus during the strategy shaping. Having impartial facilitators can be beneficial as colleagues may feel more confident to disclose challenges and barriers.

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"Lots of practical and useful insights and great knowledgeable team who really care about making a difference!"

Gabriela Matic

Programme Director, ATI Boeing Accelerator

"Excellent stimulus to get us thinking, talking about the issues and how we might want to change things. I came to learn, and I certainly did that and am challenged to reflect and act."

Paul Koshy

Innovation Manager Innovation Super Network

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