We all have (unconscious) bias

Your unconscious bias has an impact on the choices and decisions you make, without you realising it

Our sessions provide attendees with invaluable insights to help them understand unconscious bias as well as giving them time and space to recognise, reflect upon and discuss their own unconscious bias. Crucially, attendees will gain the necessary tools to become more self aware with useful strategies they can implement both personally and in their own workplace to become more inclusive.

What to expect

  • What is unconscious bias and its purpose?
  • Defining the difference between bias, attitude, prejudice and stereotyping
  • We’ll ask attendees to complete an online test ahead of the session to uncover their own ingrained biases which will be explored together in a respectful and safe environment
  • Common types of bias and how they can affect decision making
  • Strategies for individuals and organisations to break bias

“It’s not about magically removing implicit biases we have (hence why they are implicit), but it is about being aware of them and making sure they are in check – essentially just putting your ego to the side and seeing when you are thinking/acting unfairly.”

JP McCorley

CTO, Obbi

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