Tackling Unconscious Bias

Your unconscious bias has an impact on the choices and decisions you make every day without you realising it. If you have a brain – you have bias! Explore what Unconscious Bias is, how it shows up and why. Exploring real-world examples of common biases and considering the impact they can have. Taking into consideration how we might be responsible for unintentionally creating barriers and challenges for others. Understand what and who may have influenced us, personally, in our biases and how this may manifest in daily encounters and interactions. Recognising some of the more subtle forms of bias and the impact that can have on individuals. Discussing how bias can show up and affect our workplace and then the wider implications of bias on our society as a whole. The session will be rounded off with some self awareness tips that can be used personally and some practical strategies for the workplace to reduce bias and increase the experience of inclusion.

Session outcomes;

  • First hand awareness and experience of errors in thinking
  • Understanding what unconscious bias is and its purpose
  • Perception of common types of bias
  • The impact of how our biases are formed and influenced during early childhood
  • Uncover ingrained biases which will be explored together in a respectful and safe environment
  • How our biases can affect decision making
  • Becoming cognisant of our impact on others (even if unintentional)
  • How does Unconscious Bias affect individuals, our workplace and society?
  • Practical tips for the workplace and individuals to reduce bias

“It’s not about magically removing implicit biases we have (hence why they are implicit), but it is about being aware of them and making sure they are in check – essentially just putting your ego to the side and seeing when you are thinking/acting unfairly.”

JP McCorley

CTO, Obbi

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