We all have (unconscious) bias…

Your unconscious bias has an impact on the choices and decisions you make, without you realising it.

Unconscious Bias Training

Our sessions provide attendees with invaluable insights to help them understand unconscious bias as well as giving them time and space to recognise, reflect upon and discuss their own unconscious bias. Crucially, attendees will gain the necessary tools to become more self aware with useful strategies they can implement both personally and in their own workplace to become more inclusive.

We understand that time is precious. That’s why we’ve condensed our training in to a concise, bite-sized, 90 minute lunch and learn session so as not to interrupt the daily flow of office life.

What to expect

  • What is unconscious bias and its purpose?
  • Defining the difference between bias, attitude, prejudice and stereotyping
  • We’ll ask attendees to complete an online test ahead of the session to uncover their own ingrained biases which will be explored together in a respectful and safe environment
  • Common types of bias and how they can affect decision making
  • Strategies for individuals and organisations to break bias

“Excellent stimulus to get us thinking, talking about the issues and how we might want to change things. I also liked the open sharing among the group. I came to learn, and I certainly did that and am challenged to reflect and act.”

Paul Koshy

Innovation Manager, Innovation Super Network

Lunch & Learn

£̶7̶9̶9̶ £500 Summer Special*
*(Price is per session for up to 20 employees. Valid only for sessions booked for June, July & Aug).

We hope you can join us over a spot of lunch to learn how you and your workplace can take steps to break down barriers and implement change.

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