Demystifying Diversity & Inclusion

Let’s get everyone on the same page. Diversity & Inclusion has commercial, societal and ethical significance, we frame the session by setting the scene on how society is changing and the importance of understanding how this topic affects us all; personally, in the workplace and beyond. Defining what diversity and inclusion means within that and exploring Intersectionality and privilege with relevant, contemporary examples. Following that, different types of discrimination, bias and the harmful impact of stereotypes. Understanding what we mean by Equality, Equity and Removal of Barriers and the 5G workforce. An overview of the anti-discrimination law will demystify protected characteristics and explain how to mitigate risk both as an employer and as individuals. The session will be rounded off with the benefits of diverse teams and our top tips for conscious inclusion.

Session outcomes;

  • Understanding the commercial, societal and ethical implications of D&I
  • Mindful of both visible and invisible diversity traits
  • Comprehension of different types of discrimination and privilege and how they relate to intersectionality
  • Individual responsibility to social justice; Equality, Equity and Removal of Barriers
  • An awareness of anti-discrimination law including general guidance and understanding of protected characteristics
  • Strategies each individual can take away to be more inclusive both personally and professionally

and plenty of food for thought along the way!

“Lots of practical and useful insights and great knowledgeable team who really care about making a difference. Thanks! Really enjoyed it!”

Gabi Matic

Programme Director, Boeing ATI Accelerator

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