Demystifying Diversity

Exploring the different phases in an organisation’s Diversity & Inclusion journey

Understand the different phases in an organisation’s Diversity & Inclusion journey; Equality, Equity and Removal of Barriers.  Along with a tour through our  ‘Seven Steps to Better Balance’ you will have the tools to create a bespoke action plan to implement short and long term changes in your workplace.

What to expect

  • A solid understanding of where your workplace sits in relation to the three phases; Equality, Equity and Removal of Barriers
  • You’ll get examples of best practice and the 50:50 approach to inclusive workplaces
  • Our Seven Steps to Better Balance will provide you with a holistic view of your workplace which will also highlight priority areas for implementing change
  • Practical tips for an inclusive workplace including; ingraining values in your cultural DNA, inclusive recruitment, and the importance of policies

and plenty of food for thought along the way!

“Lots of practical and useful insights and great knowledgeable team who really care about making a difference. Thanks! Really enjoyed it!”

Gabi Matic

Programme Director, Boeing ATI Accelerator

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