Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Programme

   Course Details

Qualification: CPD Certificate of Completion
Location: Hybrid
Start date 20th Sept 2024
Study: 23 hours
Duration: 10 weeks
Cost: £1,850.00 ex VAT

Giving you the tools to build high performing teams by driving inclusion and championing diversity

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The issue of inequality in the workplace is gaining momentum, make sure your organisation is not left behind. Those who are proactively introducing D&I are already reaping the benefits. 
Unfortunately, many are still learning the hard way, risking their organisation’s performance, culture and reputation through knee-jerk reactive responses. D&I is still uncharted waters for many leaders and successfully navigating its complexity can be daunting. 
Our programme will guide you through this journey, equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to build an effective framework for your organisation. 
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Our programme will empower you to:

Build strong, high- performing teams
Increase teams engagement, motivation, and productivity
Protect against reputational and legal risks
Attract and retain diverse talent
Reduce and remove bias across your hiring process

Course Summary

This programme is designed to give you the confidence and expertise to champion D&I in your organisation. You will gain insight into the key foundations of D&I, gaining essential tools and resources to further develop your organisation.

Core Modules

Bringing to life some of the fundamental concepts of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) through the experience of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Module outcomes; 

  • First hand awareness and experience of errors in thinking 
  • Diversity beyond visible traits 
  • Intersectionality and privilege 
  • Social justice model of Equality, Equity and Removal of Barriers 
  • An awareness of Anti Discrimination Legislation
  • Guidance and understanding of protected characteristics 
  • Strategies each individual can take away to be more inclusive

Explore what it is, how it impacts our decision making and crucially, how to interrupt it

Module outcomes; 

  • Understanding what unconscious bias is and its purpose 
  • Common types of bias 
  • The impact of how our biases are formed and influenced 
  • Uncover ingrained personal biases 
  • How our biases can affect decision making 
  • The impact on individuals, our workplace and society 
  • How to interrupt and mitigate bias 

How to cultivate cultures of open communication and effective communication techniques

Module outcomes; 

  • Language is powerful
  • Cultural awareness
  • Strategies for inclusive communication 
  • Subtle biases and ambiguity
  • Intent vs Impact 
  • Respectfully challenging inappropriate language and behaviour 
  • Nurturing open communication

Diversify your talent pipeline and apply inclusive strategies across the 360 process to ensure equality of opportunity for all

Module outcomes; 

  • Writing attractive job ads
  • Reaching wider audiences
  • Avoiding subjectivity in shortlisting
  • Inclusive interview practices 
  • Culture Fit vs Culture Add
  • How to retain and develop top talent

“Thank you so much Lynsey and Lyndsey. Came away informed and inspired to embed the approaches to diversity and inclusion in our workplace.”

Stephen Telford

Head of People, The Alnwick Gardens

“The training was delivered seamlessly, despite needing to conduct it remotely. We’re really looking forward to working with them again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them”

Rachel Gillett

HR Manager, Aerospace Technology Institute

“I think we immediately need to start the plans for our EDI strategy as a business. It’s a topic often talked about but never moves forward because of time or just no one knows where to start.”

Abbey Hull

HR Operations Partner, Nomad Digital

Frequently Asked Questions..

This programme is perfect for those responsible for HR, People & Culture and Talent Professionals.  It will also benefit anyone who is passionate about championing all things diversity, inclusion and equality in their organisation.

Approx. 23 hours contact time – broken up into convenient bite-sized chunks that can easily be scheduled into busy diaries!

Each cohort is capped at x25 to allow for more voices to be heard and a higher quality of conversation / participation levels.

For the benefit of collaboration and diversity of thought, we have a cap at 4 participants from the same organisation; any further individuals who would like to join a cohort can secure space(s) on the next available programme.

Delivered via Zoom with each training module lasts half a day,  with one hour group discussion in between.

We will not be recording the training so everyone is able to share openly throughout.

We will ask you to complete some feedback surveys for us and the Facet5 Personal Profile but otherwise there is no ‘coursework’ as such outside of the training that is required. We will provide you with further learning resources for interest and further development but this is completely at your free will to choose whether to and when you wish to take advantage of them. 

As this is an online programme we may have participants spread across many regions (and countries potentially), however, if there is an opportunity to meet participants from your locale we highly encourage you to connect in person where possible.

Yes, all participants who complete the programme will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance

Every participant is encouraged to stay in touch and can book in time with the 50:50 course leaders if they need more support and to soundboard any ideas. If participants are willing, we can also facilitate a WhatsApp group for the cohort to continue the collaboration.

Yes, absolutely! Please get in touch at [email protected] and we would be happy to accommodate your needs.

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