About us

50:50’s co-founders have an extensive background in the technology industry where they have set up organisations to foster inclusive communities and engage more diverse audiences in the STEM sectors. Their previous undertakings include the region’s first community-led coworking space in the digital sector where they engaged a wide-ranging group of people all aspiring to drive innovation, from large corporate sponsors to SMEs and startups.

There was a large gap that needed to be plugged within the sector in both skills and diversity, the founders set up an education initiative to facilitate between STEM networks and education across these two core areas of focus. They received funding for both regional and national projects from some of the UK’s largest STEM foundations in the private sector.

Seeing the clear need for more emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, regardless of size or sector, the duo decided to spin out their diversity strand ‘50:50 Future’ into its own entity in February 2019. Acknowledging the harsh reality of negative connotations and lack of awareness in this area, they felt strongly that they could deliver the right level of support and education to organisations to break down barriers and be a catalyst for inclusion.

Our Ambassadors

We are delighted to be supported by an esteemed group of ambassadors who not only share our vision, mission and values – they continue to champion our mutual interests in driving change to address inequality.

Jacqueline de Rojas CBE


“Every time we create the space for women to come together to regain confidence, build a network and ignite ambition amazing things happen. I am entirely inspired by the opportunity that 50:50 is creating and am excited to be part of it”


D&I Leader

“Men have a key role to play in gender equality, and that’s why I’m supporting 50:50 in getting men involved as champions for a balanced workplace and society.”

Forster MBE

“I’m delighted to support 50:50. We need to tackle the issues around diversity in the sector and having initiatives like this not only helps companies create the right kind of culture but benefits employees, businesses and the economy as a whole”


Managing Director

“We should never underestimate the power of community. 50:50 creates a safe forum, that brings all gender identities, of all backgrounds together to share ideas, learn, teach and inspire each other. This initiative is helping move the gender diversity agenda forward”

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