Ensuring Inclusive Recruitment

Recruitment is a process that is impaired by our human errors and judgement which impacts heavily on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This is a topic that comes up most often as being affected by low diversity levels, as this is where it appears in the most obvious way. To combat this there are many ways you can implement practical inclusive techniques within your recruitment process to attract and retain a wider talent pool. You will be taken through the whole employee lifecycle from job ads through to interview panels and onboarding.

Session outcomes;

  • Exploring the benefits of having a diverse workforce
  • Practical tips on how to use inclusive language and eliminate bias in our job adverts
  • Where and how to market our vacancies to attract a diverse candidate pool
  • Common hiring biases and how to reduce subjectivity in shortlisting
  • Legal requirements and reasonable adjustments
  • Interview prep including scorecards and matrixes
  • Exploring the benefits and pitfalls of psychometric testing, presentations, and assessments.
  • Shortlisting processes and inclusive onboarding.

“Really useful insight to give you an idea of the unconscious bias in traditional recruitment.”

Rick Charnley

Investment Manager, Northstar Ventures

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