Creating Effective Communication & Inclusivity

Not only is this topic central to the heart of any organisation’s values & culture, it’s crucial that there is a cohesive approach and mindset towards diversity and inclusion across the business. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure that they are accountable for the way in which they communicate. This training provides colleagues with tools to have open conversations without being fearful of saying the wrong thing and how to challenge in the right way to create an environment of education and support. How we communicate is not only important to colleagues across the business but in exchanges with customers, stakeholders and suppliers. Considering the ways in which we communicate, e.g. the copy on the company website and marketing materials, the language we use – ultimately it all reflects on the company’s reputation, values and perception as a brand of choice. It affects so much of our day to day lives and interactions with everyone whether verbally or non verbally. It has a much wider impact than we may be conscious of, in the workplace and beyond. This is why it’s important to get our approach to effective and inclusive communication right and the purpose it serves in D&I.

Session outcomes;

  • How can our workplace be more inclusive?
  • Effective communication techniques for uncomfortable conversations
  • Intent vs Impact
  • Language is powerful
  • Strategies to tackle inappropriate language and behaviour
  • The impact of indifference & how to become a better ally
  • Scene setting: your communication is making an impact
  • ‘Us & Them’ bias
  • Avoiding cultural stereotypes & appropriation
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Bridging the gap
  • Strategies for inclusive, effective communication (personally and in our workplace)

“Lots of practical and useful insights and great knowledgeable team who really care about making a difference. Thanks! Really enjoyed it!”

Gabi Matic

Programme Director, Boeing ATI Accelerator

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