50:50 Future recently partnered with NRG to deliver an interactive session on Culture Fit VS Culture Add.

We explored the vicious cycle of extending echo chambers when hiring for Culture Fit VS  the huge advantages diversity of thought can bring to an organisation when we flip our mentality to one of hiring with Culture Add instead.

It was great to learn that NRG were able to put our inclusive hiring strategies in to practice to support their client only a short time after delivering the session.

Here’s what Jen Cassidy, HR Recruitment Consultant, had to say about it…

Jen Cassidy, HR Recruitment Consultant, NRG.

“I began working with a manufacturer in the north east on an HR Advisor role. The role had been up for months and they were struggling to fill it. No one quite fit exactly what they were looking for. Other recruitment agencies had been used previously with no luck and they hadn’t been open to deviate from their usual recruiters. After getting in contact on multiple occasions, eventually I was able to tie them down to a meeting. I believe it’s key to meet your clients in person in order to get a real idea of what they are looking for and advise them on the current market.

During the meeting I asked them what the previous candidates they had seen were missing, what wasn’t hitting the mark? They responded that they didn’t know, but they would know the right person when they saw them.

The timing couldn’t have been better as this conversation took place shortly after the ‘Culture Add vs Culture Fit’ session with 50:50 Future.

I decided to tell them about what I learned during that session and the fact that maybe the person they think they need isn’t the right person and that broadening their horizons would actually open them up to potentially reaching a completely different demographic. ‘Culture Fit’ isn’t always the right route to go down. After finding out what they needed professionally, I screened a number of candidates that they hadn’t seen and put them forward, asking them to have an open mind.

They loved one of them and offered them the role after months of searching.

This was also the same for the recruiters they used, they went with what they knew and were unable to actually get it filled, until they widened their mindset and criteria in that sense, they were then able to successfully fill the role.”


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