At 50:50 Future, our team has been taking some time to reflect, listen and learn.

We now feel like it is the right time to acknowledge the current events surrounding George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter campaign.

We too have felt discomfort, this not being an area of our expertise. We too have felt like it has been overwhelming to take on in the midst of a pandemic… but quite rightly, it would be greatly amiss of us if we buried our heads. More pertinently, it all the more proves our white privilege by turning off our screens and disengaging from it when we feel like it.

We want to keep this brief as there are many others in a better place to educate on this than we can ever be in a position to understand.

However, as we work towards our mission to achieve better balance and equality for women, we emphasise the importance of equal opportunities…for all. Intersectionality is key, we ALL have a role to play to change the narrative and address inequality for EVERY individual. 

Our teaching philosophy at 50:50 is one of empathy, education and support. To raise awareness on important issues we must create safe learning spaces but we must also be proactive and put ourselves in discomfort when necessary to remove barriers and understand the challenges faced by others.

We urge you to first and foremost, to listen.  

You may also be interested to learn from some of our exceptional 50:50 friends and advocates;

Elliott Rae Founder – | Head of Project Race at DEFRA | Contributor @Independent | Trustee @Kidscape


Binna Kandola Business psychologist, author of ‘Racism at Work: The Danger of Indifference’ and co-founder of Pearn Kandola.


Everyone must accept responsibility and take action in breaking down barriers – equality is by and for everyone.


If we can support in any way please do get in touch.

Stay well and stay safe,

Lyndsey & Lynsey