Elliott is a diversity & inclusion specialist, QPR fan, musician and a married father of one from London. He was recently recognised by the United Nations and since recording, the UN has recognised and awarded Elliott as ‘Changer Maker of the Year #HeForShe’ 2019.

In our podcast, Elliott talks about how MusicFootballFatherhood came about (4.02) and how their online community help support men and dads. He delves in to the challenges men face during that transition period of being a husband and partner to then becoming a father (9.07) and the dynamics a new baby brings to relationships and lifestyle.

We asked Elliott about his childhood and he discussed how growing up in West London (16:46) with immigrant parents, who moved from the Caribbean in the 50s, helped shape him as a person today. A good work ethic and the importance of a good education was instilled in him from a young age and it’s something he hopes to pass on to his own daughter.

(33:12) The podcast finishes with a discussion of how the media, workplaces, stigmas and gender stereotypes all need to be challenged in a bit to promote diversity for both men and women, particularly surrounding family life.


To learn more about Elliott visit MusicFootballFatherhood.com or reach out to him on Twitter: @iamElliottRae