11 tips for recruiting staff

Throughout my recruitment experience, which now spans over 15 years, I have learned so much about the Hiring Manager and Candidate journey.  I’ve been asked to share some of the hints and tips I’ve collected, and thought I’d write 11 (11 is the amount of dots in our logo to represent the number of beautiful children we have between us) so here goes…

As a Hiring Manager:

  1. You need a job description detailing the role – before an advert.  Get this right and the advert will write itself. 
  2. Consider internal and external talent together.  The best person should get the role and the successful candidate should feel that they secured the position based on a level playing field on which they were the strongest.
  3. Be aware that your imagery and wording can be more attractive to one gender.  Research shows direct and powerful imagery or language may appeal to men – and more inclusive and collaborative visuals may attract more women.
  4. Believe it or not – both men and women want to hear about your family friendly offerings – after all, many men do have children too!
  5. It has been proven that women like to tick the full requirements detailed in the advert before advertising.  Therefore, if it’s not an essential part of the role – don’t put it in there. You can shortlist further once you have the interest.  Without the interest you have nothing to shortlist from.
  6. Remember, the recruitment journey is two way and in many sectors it’s a candidate lead market – therefore you need to impress too.
  7. It’s all about engagement.  From your first response to a candidate, through to a rejection or onboarding… the experience will be what has the candidate skipping through the door or telling a friend – or on the flip side, potentially declining the offer or spreading a poor image of your brand.
  8. Interviews need to be consistent.  Ask all candidates the same questions – this ensures you are able to draw a true comparison and again places all candidate on that level playing field.
  9. It’s OK to regret a candidate.  The candidate just wants to know.  Share some feedback, thank them for their time and ask them to keep checking your website for future roles.
  10. If you haven’t already – get yourself a Hiring Manager checklist for your new starter.  What equipment do you need for anyone joining your team? Who do they need to see in their first few days within the business?  Have a consistent plan which is used for all new team members.
  11. Make your new starter feel special.  Place a welcome card on the desk. Reserve a parking space for their first day.  It’s all about the little, personal details which will allow the candidate to know they have made the right decision and make them want to tell their friends all about you.


Sam Wall
Talent Partners experts in Recruitment Strategy, End to End, Assessment Centres and Outplacement support.