Virtual Training

Join 50:50 Future Ltd for a short series of CPD virtual workshops to expand your knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of Diversity and Inclusion.

If you and / or your team are working from home, why not jump onto one of our hour sessions to hear from our specialists who will also provide you with further resources to continue learning beyond the training.

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If you are part of a team or organisation who would benefit from group training online, we can provide you with a private delivery of this series, specifically for your company. You can register up to 30 employees per session and we can also add bespoke details to the content to make it even more relevant to you.

We have picked our top three essential topics to cover with you in this series. This trilogy will provide you with a solid foundation of how to become more inclusive both as an individual and within your workplace. More information can be found below:

Diversity £30

Understand the different phases in an organisation’s Diversity & Inclusion journey; Equality, Equity and Removal of Barriers.  Along with a tour through our  ‘Seven Steps to Better Balance’ you will have the tools to create a bespoke action plan to implement short and long term changes in your workplace

Bias £30

As humans we all have (unconscious) bias, how are our biases are formed and what impact does our bias have on society? Gain best practice and top tips on how you can become more inclusive both personally and in the workplace. More importantly, take away our top tips on how to break bias.

Recruitment £30

What impact does our bias have on recruitment? Find out how to break bias with practical inclusive recruitment strategies and the 50:50 approach to creating the right conditions for better balance in your workplace. Looking at the whole recruitment process from job ads to interview panels.

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