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This trilogy will provide you with a solid foundation of how to become more inclusive both as an individual and within your workplace

Session takeaways;


Tuesday 5th May @11am

Demystifying Diversity
– A solid understanding of where your workplace sits in relation to the three phases; Equality, Equity and Removal of Barriers
– Examples of best practice and an in-depth overview of our Seven Steps to Better Balance enabling you to take a holistic view of your own workplace allowing you to identify areas where you can implement change


Tuesday 12th May @11am

Unconscious Bias
– The impact of bias on society
– How our unconscious bias is formed and influenced
– Common types of bias, how they can affect decision making and strategies for breaking bias


Tuesday 19th April @11am

Inclusive Recruitment
– Identifying challenges when recruiting a diverse workforce
– Examples of how bias is engrained in the recruitment process
– Top tips covering how to be more inclusive, retain talent and attract a diverse candidate pool