We help you get the gender balance right through our specialist training and consultancy support

We offer

Unique programmes and support to tackle key issues
such as:

  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Confidence Building
  • Communication Skills
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Recruitment
  • Changing Behaviours & Culture
  • Expertise and impartiality to work with staff at all levels in an inclusive way
  • Access to a diverse range of external mentors, role models and expert partners

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First Impressions
What first impression does
your company give?

Understanding your
staff turnover

Attracting a diverse range
of applicants

Seven Steps to Better Balance

Rather than offer a ‘one size fits all’, our approach is to encourage companies to look at all the challenges they may face, there may be obvious ones such as recruitment which may be a priority, but ideally any gender diversity strategy and activity will be holistic and take into account each of these key areas

Having your values reflected both inside and outside the office

Ensuring inclusivity

Getting commitment and
by-in from everyone

Supporting and getting the most
from your employees

We make our solutions as flexible as possible to suit your organisation’s needs, examples of support we have delivered include;


Procter & Gamble approached us to help with issues they were facing around female colleagues not progressing. We developed a bespoke 5 month programme of support which has already led to significant impact and change in their organisation. Crucially, 61% of attendees have now progressed into more senior roles in the company.

“This goes beyond the usual skill building you get in a corporate training and helps you learn about you. I feel like I now acknowledge my skills more confidently and can rationalise previous behaviours, perceptions and those of others. And it’s super fun!”

Gemma Carlile

IT Manager, Procter & Gamble

We all have
(unconscious) bias…

A workshop focusing on the issues all companies face of unconscious bias, exploring what it is and how it can be addresses, including taking the unconscious bias test and sharing results as a group with plenty of constructive discussion to follow.

“Excellent stimulus to get us thinking, talking about the issues and how we might want to change things. I also liked the open sharing among the group. I came to learn, and I certainly did that and am challenged to reflect and act.”

Paul Koshy

Innovation Manager, Innovation Super Network

Start the Conversation

Group discussion, inclusive of genders, to share opinions and experiences of gender diversity and key issues, barriers and challenges, and how they can be tackled. There are no right or wrong questions and answers here – it’s an open and impartial forum.

“The whole group discussions introduced a lot of thoughts from people of different background and experiences. It was insightful to listen to contrasting opinions and challenge my own thoughts and becoming more self-aware. Would definitely recommend.”

James Hanson

Managing Director, Layers Studio

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