An apology from us


Recently we did a post on gender identity and didn’t use the right language and were not clear enough in our message. The intention of the post was to be aimed towards those who are unfamiliar with some of our evolving terminology as this comes up a lot in our discussions with clients. We had hoped it would be a useful tool to start to demystify and develop awareness. Unfortunately, on this occasion, we were not explicit enough and didn’t clearly state gender identity enough in our post which may have been unhelpful or confusing. We understand that there are various views on gender and gender identity, we always make a conscious effort to respect views of others so we apologise for this miscommunication.

For us, even when people have differing beliefs and opinions it’s about having productive disagreements, using those important conversations to learn from each other rather than having an attack and defence exchange, this does not open our minds and prevents progress, in our view.

With our work with clients, It often comes up about being too scared to talk about potentially controversial topics or saying the wrong thing. We can understand why people may feel scared or uncomfortable to do this given the cancel culture that exists especially online. We don’t advocate for that, we are all human, we all make mistakes and that includes us too!

Our approach is valuing difference, learning from conversations that are genuinely meaningful and leading with an open mindset and thoughtful questions when we don’t get things right or hold different perspectives.

Our clients feel at ease with this approach as we aren’t going in as the ‘diversity police’ our feedback is usually extremely positive


“Very quickly the Lyn(d)sey’s put everyone at ease and created a safe environment for people to ask questions and talk about different issues”

“Both Lynsey and Lyndsey were absolutely brilliant. They handled the sessions, topics and group dynamic with ease and were really knowledgeable about all of the content. They created an environment in which everyone felt they could openly share personal and lived experiences and I find that to be quite rare in some working cultures. Thank you so much”


We will continue to learn and have engaging discussions as D&I is a topic that is always evolving and diverse perspectives are a crucial part of expanding our minds so they don’t close.

We will be reaching out to people in our network to get involved in exploring this topic in more detail so we can utilise different perspectives and experiences.

Thank you and sorry.

Lyndsey & Lynsey