In this podcast, Ryan talks about how he moved away from the family business to forge a career in business psychology (3.15), and the importance of finding your purpose and being happy at work (6.30).

Ryan faced major challenges in a short period of time – moving to a new area, with a new job and house, shortly after the birth of his first son (10.45) and discusses what led him back to the North East (16.15).

Discussing the challenges of work/ life balance and being a single father, (20:00) Ryan says it’s important not just to have a sympathetic manager but also take personal responsibility.

Ryan talks frankly about his own mental health challenges (26:00), how it’s okay to be not okay, and the importance of having people around you and opening up to them.

Organisations need to move away from the one size fits all approach and Ryan discusses the importance of better ways of employee engagement (31.45)

Ryan believes (37.15) to improve conversations and have more people focused cultures in workplaces, it’s vital to have more females in leadership positions.

Ryan is a Business Psychologist and Director of People Science with Hive HR