We were thrilled to recently talk with Michelle and James from Inspiration North for one of their podcasts! 

#81 – Lyndsey Britton-Lee & Lynsey Harbottle – Creating Equal Opportunities for Everyone 

Lyndsey and Lynsey talk to us about creating equal opportunities for all.

We talk about:

Having passion as a driver to get things done. How everybody has a role to play in diversity and inclusion. And what their best bad decisions were!

Lyndsey and Lynsey met at the first North East’s digital coworking space – Campus North, which Lyndsey Britton-Lee Co-Founded in 2013. They went on to develop education initiative Tech for Life CIC in 2016.

They are passionate about women and men accessing equal opportunities. To achieve equality, they believe both men and women must be involved in breaking down barriers, changing behaviours and company culture.

After they made the decision to close Campus North and focus on doing one thing, they set up 50:50 Future in February 2019.

Their 50:50 mission is to achieve gender equality in the workplace. For them it’s not about 50:50 ‘bums on seats’, it’s about equal opportunities…for all.


Inspiration North’s mission is to help people create happier, more fulfilling lives.

They have a whole host of fantastic podcasts available online.

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