50:50 Face to Face

We host a series of networking events and mentoring that we run throughout the year that can be accessed totally FREE by our members

50:50 Unplugged

Our series of member-only podcasts are a curiosity box filled with insights from our mentors and ambassadors.

50:50 Connect

Our private LinkedIn group is updated regularly where we provide members with thought-provoking and insightful articles as well as a collaborative space to share views, opinions, experiences, best practice

To date we have employees from 25+ organisations already collaborating online

50:50 Top Tips

Includes lunch and learn webinars from our partners PLUS a series of downloads with our top tips around topics such as barriers to progression, recruitment, gender stereotyping, unconscious bias, imposter syndrome, communicating effectively, confidence building and lots more!


"Really engaging & thought provoking, inspired really good discussion sessions. Great safe environment to discuss complex matters."

Lauren Ratcliffe

Associate IT Manager, Procter & Gamble

"Excellent stimulus to get us thinking, talking about the issues and how we might want to change things. I also liked the open sharing among the group. I came to learn, and I certainly did that and am challenged to reflect and act."

Paul Koshy

Innovation Manager Innovation Super Network

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