Sam Wall worked for global corporate companies before setting up her own business SEAO Talent Partners.

In this podcast Sam talks (3.30) about where her drive came from and the women who inspired her as a child – and how she went from trainee sports teacher to recruiter.  Sam felt able to start really making a difference to help improve diversity and gender balance as she rose to a more senior level (5.30).

Sam reflects on the good practice – and the not so good – that she has seen during her career (7.30) and also the changes there has been in the workplace (10.30)

We discuss whether the day will come when gender won’t be such a barrier or issue (11.45) and how will we know.

Finally, (16.00) Sam leaves us with three top tips to help anybody wanting to improve their recruitment process.


Sam Wall, Founder and Director, SEAO

Talent Partners, experts in Recruitment Strategy, End to End, Assessment Centres and Outplacement support.