Lizzy and Emma were both running their own separate businesses when they met and realised they wanted to start a venture together. Now they are co-founders of mental health tool Myndr, and in this podcast talk about their journey so far – and where they are going.

Both women have incredible stories and experiences and now, as female founders with a tool to support others, they talk about where they get their own support from (6.00). They discuss pressure and failure (12:20) and question success, and the need to find passion and purpose.

The co-founders talk about the importance of peer to peer learning and support (13.30) and their own experiences of that.

Their vision for Myndr is not just to be a support tool but to help change perceptions of mental health and revolutionise the industry (16.00).

Emma and Lizzy give some tips for female founders (19.30) and finally, if you are interested in getting involved in the next stage of Myndr’s development, find out how (22.00)


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Photo credit: David Wala