Sharon MacArthur had a successful career as a senior business leader, before changing everything in her 40s. She went back to university, took a career break and set up her own business. Sharon now also runs Miss Menopause, which offers support for employers and women.

In our podcast, Sharon talks about how she was running her own successful business when suddenly she was hit by symptoms that led her to not leaving the house for a week (5:30).  Sharon talks about why we need to talk about the menopause more (10.00) and how lack of knowledge is leading some women to think they are developing Alzheimer’s (15:00) or other major conditions.

More women need to stay in the workforce longer and Sharon discusses (19:00) how lack of awareness and support is leading to many women leaving companies much earlier than they should be.

Sharon talks about what employers can be doing to help women in the workplace (24.30) and the kind of support Miss Menopause offers managers and HR professionals to help implement solutions (28:00)

Sharon has, through her online support community, collected a list of over 70 (SEVENTY!) symptoms of menopause (31:00).

You can hear Sharon’s top tips for women to help deal with the menopause (35:00) including early menopause, and why we are all pioneers!


Sharon is a leadership and confidence coach and runs Red Handbag as well as Miss Menopause, you can join the women only online community on Facebook.