Imposter Syndrome: recognising and dealing with it

Jenny didn’t really know what she wanted to do when she left school – and totally changed her mind just before she was due to go to university. Her career ideas ranged from sports management to being a lawyer!

In this episode of 50:50 Unplugged, Jenny talks (4:06) about how a variety of different jobs showed her what she did and didn’t enjoy and finally led her to working for her current employer Newcastle City Council where she says she’s surprised she’s been there for 13 years.

After taking part in one of our CPD programmes Jenny says (9.15) she learned among other things the importance of taking the time to get to know yourself, and it’s boosted her confidence and had an impact at work.

Jenny discusses how she has experience imposter syndrome (13.00) and is now able to recognise it and know how to deal with it better.

Jenny talks (18.40) about how she also now developed as a manager and is able to offer more support to her team.