Our Approach

We have developed our Seven Steps to Better Balance methodology which underpins our approach to diversity and inclusion and all of our training and consultancy. We believe every individual should have the access to equal opportunities and to feel like they belong.

We know there is no one magic solution, it is a long-term goal and there are a number of key areas that need to be looked at and addressed. We encourage all organisations to self audit using our Seven steps to Better Balance and recommend that they take a birds eye view across the whole workplace and see where their key challenges lie. Any diversity and inclusion strategy you put in place should include short, medium and long term goals which are tracked and measured according to what strategies and interventions you decide.

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"Lots of practical and useful insights and great knowledgeable team who really care about making a difference!"

Gabriela Matic

Programme Director, ATI Boeing Accelerator

"Excellent stimulus to get us thinking, talking about the issues and how we might want to change things. I came to learn, and I certainly did that and am challenged to reflect and act."

Paul Koshy

Innovation Manager Innovation Super Network

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