We are thrilled to announce the launch of our most recent partnership with Skills Consultants to bring you a NEW and truly UNIQUE apprenticeship course for Women Leaders.

Team Leader, Level 3 Apprenticeship for Levy Employers | Women in Leadership

Course duration 12 months | Only 2 days pcm off-site with 10% development time

This course is for employees entering into supervisory/ middle management positions and would like to progress, are supervising others, demonstrating leadership capabilities, returners to work after short / long periods off, or managers who would like to validate their leadership experience with a qualification.

Focus: building knowledge, skills and confidence.

2020 Programmes: May | June | October

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Here at 50:50 Future and Skills Consultants, we support equity initiatives to advance 50:50 opportunities with our future leaders.

This course has been carefully curated to build knowledge, skills and confidence for women to lead effectively with the added benefit of our insights and best practice to create the right environment and conditions for better balance in their workplace. In their role as leaders, they will learn to drive meaningful change by taking an inclusive approach across the whole company in tackling barriers to deliver impactful results. Ultimately, our aim is to remove barriers and help change the lens people look through to involve everyone in creating an inclusive and supportive workplace.  

Download a copy of our Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship Information Sheet by completing the adjacent form.

Information pack for Levy Employers includes; programme overview, further course details and key development areas.

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